Welcome fellow MESH users!!  

 Check out my local club website, the Northeast Kingdom Amateur Radio Club.  This is a newly formed club that will hopefully rejuvenate some interest in amateur radio in the Northeast Kingdom. 



A Family Affair.......


Welcome to www.KA1PXZ.net.  Amateur Radio is a family affair at the Brooks house!  In addition to myself, Phil (KA1PXZ), there is my wife, Kelley (KE1LEY) and our son, Riley (KC1CDI)…….

I got my NOVICE ticket back in March 1986 and my TECH in June 1986.  After enjoying the hobby for a couple of years, I became dormant... I went nearly two decades before picking up a mic again, shy of only renewing my license in 1997 and 2007.  In 2014 I finally upgraded to GENERAL!  In June, 2018 I took and passed the exam and received my EXTRA class license!  WOO HOO!

Also in 2014 my son, Riley, got his TECH ticket and I once again became active, trying to pick up on all the things that I had missed out on for the past 20 years.  In June of 2018 Riley took and passed the exam and received his GENERAL ticket.  It's been a fun learning curve!  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...... My XYL, Kelley, got her TECH ticket in 2015.  As of April, 2016, Kelley now has a new vanity call sign - KE1LEY....  In addition to spending some time on HF, I also have a UHF repeater on the air in Glover (see link above for info).  I have also been "meshing" around using BBHN (see below), as well as having an APRS i-Gate on the air (KA1PXZ-1), which serves a good part of the Northeast Kingdom and the I-91 corridor (also, see below).

-73 & enjoy de Phil - KA1PXZ


The KA1PXZ UHF Repeater was moved to its permanent home.... click the "KA1PXZ-Repeater" tab above for more information!!




Broadband Hamnet™

Click on the router icon above for the KA1PXZ-1 MESH Node Status

·         The KA1PXZ Broadband Hamnet™ mesh network consists of several nodes plus one portable node to act as a “repeater”.

·         All MESH Nodes are Linksys WRT54G routers, flashed with the BBHN firmware. I am also running a Linksys WRT54-TM, a "T-Mobile" branded Linksys, that has the tunnel server component added to it as well.  I've also added a Linksys WRT54GS as a tunnel client as well.  Anyone running a MESH Network server or client that wishes to tunnel in, contact me at ka1pxz@arrl.net for more information and connection info.

·         Click the Broadband-Hamnet link or the AREDN link on the "links" page for more information on MESH Networks in Amateur Radio







Also running in the KA1PXZ shack is an APRS I-GATE.  APRSIS/32 Software is running on a SuperMicro Server, coupled with a Pac-Comm Tiny 2 TNC running in KISS mode. This provides the link from the RF side to the network side.  RF is provided using a Motorola Radius GM300, interfaced to the TNC using an Argent Data Systems GM-300 mini DIN adapter.  It operates on the US standard APRS frequency of 144.390. 


Click on the above link to take you to the aprs.fi map of KA1PXZ-1





Stay Tuned!!! More to come!!!


Contact KA1PXZ at ka1pxz@arrl.net