KA1PXZ Repeater


The repeater is a Kenwood TKR-820, running at 17 watts output with a built-in duplexer.  The controller is a Micro Computer Concepts RC-100 Repeater Controller.  This replaced the home-brew controller several months ago and seems to be working quite well.  Resetting the unit and reprogramming it was quite a chore but it is now up and running like a charm!  The controller is programmed via DTMF either through a phone patch connection or via over-the-air.  It has phone patch capability but since there is no phone service located at the repeater site, this is function is not operational. 

The control link radio is a stand alone Kenwood TK-880 coupled to the controller and powered via common 12 volt DuraComm power supply that is also used for a co-located APRS digipeater.  Power for the repeater is supplied via AC mains to the built-in power supply of the TKR-820.  Further backup is supplied via a direct connection to a 12 volt DC battery trickle charged using a Centech battery charger.  A rack-mount cooling fan unit keeps cool air circulating over the heat sink of the repeater to help with heat dissipation.

On August 27th the repeater was moved to its permanent home on Borland Hill in Glover, at the site of the Glover Fire Department and Glover Ambulance public safety repeaters.  The antenna was in place on the tower and the hard line was run to the Equipment building almost a year ago but testing and minor changes and adjustments as well as a lack of time held back the move until now...I also hope to provide Echolink connectivity to it as well but one step at a time!  Stay tuned here for updates and pictures!!


449.075 mHz, -5k, PL 100.0